You Asked, I'm Answering.

In my half drunken state on Saturday night, I posted an Instagram Story with the caption "ask me anything", and then I fell asleep. That's what mixing sangria and margaritas will do to a 27-year-old body.

With that said, I am refreshed (totally avoided a hangover, hallelujah), and am answering a few:

1. "R u even real?"

Yes, 100%. Some days require more coffee and wine than most, but I promise I am real.

2. "Do you have wine everyday?"

Honestly, no. Sometimes I drink hot tea to surprise my liver.

3. "What do you do when the honeymoon period is over in a relationship?"

IMO, it depends on if you are still interested in pursuing the relationship. If you are, then I would saddle up and enjoy the ride. And by that, I mean be present in your current relationship. Do not compare where you are in your relationship to where someone else is in theirs. And honestly, people change. But change isn't necessarily a bad thing. You have to decide if you are willing to love, grow, and nurture the relationship you are in, in every form, forever, as you would hope the person you are with is able to do for you.

4. "Will you send me some wine? lol"

I give away a case of WINC wine every month on my Facebook page, so be sure to follow the entry rules and you can totally get some complimentary bottles!

5. "Best cheap rosé ?"

You cannot go wrong with the $13 bottle of Yes Way Rosé available at most Target stores. You can read my brutally honest review here.

6. "Dream vacation (aka vineyard)?"

My dream vacation would totally be to the Maldives.... but if I had to pick a specific vineyard, I would definitely want to visit the Victoria wine region of Australia.

7. "Frosé or champs?"

Bubbly all damn day. My go-to drink at happy hour is sparkling wine. I love the taste, it looks classy AF, and it does the job of getting you tipsy while making you feel full so you don't binge eat while you're intoxicated. Sip Sip HOORAY!

8. "How can I get sponsored by Anyday Rosé? Been trying."

Super simple! You create a profile and apply via ShareASale - their application program reviews a variety of factors including your demographics and social media presence.

& as an FYI: Anyday Rosé is a canned rosé cider that is delicious (and that's saying a lot as I am not a cider fan). My review is coming soon, promise! If you want to score a case for 20% off + free shipping you can shop here.

9. "What is your favorite type of wine?"

If it's not a bubbly, my preference is either a Sauvignon Blanc or a Malbec - depending on my mood and the setting. And before you ask, I do not have a particular regional preference. As long as it has alcohol, I'm not super picky.


There were also a bunch of vulgar questions that I may or may not post at some point. You let me know if you want to see my responses.

Cheers babes!