Yes Way Rosé Review

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

I’ve been a HUGE fan girl of Yes Way Rosé since the launch of their collaboration with WINC wine back in Spring 2015 (back when Winc was known as Club W).

Their “Summer Water" rosé is still one of my favorites (see here), so I knew I had to get my hands on their brand new “Yes Way Rosé” rosé when it launched this week at Target.

Made in the south of France, Yes Way Rosé is a light-bodied, dry rosé packed with tons of fruity notes - I tasted peach, cherry, and grapefruit - and just a touch of sweetness. I also tasted something I couldn’t quite put my finger on (any guesses?).

It’s also VERY drinkable – actually almost too drinkable because I finished the first bottle (by myself) during one episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Sorry, not sorry.

In comparison to their Summer Water rosé, Yes Way Rosé is much more budget friendly, and more accessible, as it can be purchased in almost any Target store nationwide for $12.99 (like I need another excuse to go to Target).

And before you ask: I paired it with some Mystery Flavored Haribo Gummy Bears (I swear I'm an adult)

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C H E E R S!


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