This Quiz Recommends Which Vitamins You Should Be Taking Based on Your Wine Consumption

Okay, maybe not just based on your wine consumption, but still.

Introducing, Care/of, the new and convent way to ensure you meet your daily health goals – even if you enjoy a glass (or three) of wine a day.

Care/of is a personalized vitamin subscription service that matches you with vitamins and minerals that are tailored to help you fill gaps in your diet, and to reach your health goals.

If you’re been following me for a while, you know I spend a lot of time traveling and am always go-go-go! Care/of’s vitamin packs are so easy to throw in your purse to take with you. They also come personalized with your name and an inspiration quote (so cute!)

Take their short quiz and answer easy questions about your diet, lifestyle and health goals like, how much sleep do you get? How often do you work out? How many glasses of wine do you have per day? And Care/of will tailor these cute personalized packages just for you.

Use code WWLW for 50% off your first month – plus, you can add, subtract, or alter your recommendations, if needed, to create the perfect supplement pack for you!

Cheers babes xo


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