The New Dating App… FOR WINE!

Find love at home in a matter of minutes. Sippd is truly like the dating app for wine, except they will never steer you wrong with their personalized recommendations.

Sippd is the newest wine tool helping wine lovers of all levels find the perfect wine for any occasion at every price point. Branded as “Your AI-powered Personal Sommelier,” the free Chrome extension lets you browse tens-of-thousands of wines online to find the best wines for your tastes and budget.


  • Add the Chrome Extension: using a desktop or laptop, download the free Sippd Extension for Google Chrome. This allows Sippd to integrate your wine preferences with wines available on When you shop via Chrome, each bottle will have a Taste Match score (ie: the percentage that shows how much you will love it), which makes shopping for wine SO much easier.

  • Create your Profile: once you add the extension, it’s time to build your profile. It’s super easy; I promise! First, you select your favorite wine varietals – choose as many as you wish. Then, you will use their “search” feature to look up (and rate) three wines you already enjoy drinking. By rating these wines, it will help Sippd know what you like to drink. I picked one red, one white, and one rosé – just to cover my bases.

  • Let Sippd do the Matching: now comes the fun part! While using Google Chrome as your web browser, go to You will now notice a Taste Match score associated with each wine bottle – as a reminder, this score predicts how much you will loveeeee each wine. This will help you make a thoughtful selection, rather than just choosing wine based on the label.


Based on my profile, here are some of the wines recommended for me:

  1. Alamos Malbec 2019 ($8.99) - shop

  2. Four Graces Pinot Gris 2018 ($19.99) - shop

  3. Avaline Rosé ($19.99) - shop

  4. Gruet Brut ($14.99) - shop

Coincidentally, Alamos is one of my favorite Argentinian Malbec – SPOT ON SIPPD! As for the other three, I was pleasantly surprised, as these are wines I have never tried before (and I drink a lot of wine). I opened the Avaline this past week, and it’s delish! I’m actually really eager to try their white blend now.

So what are you waiting for? Download the extension, build your profile, and get to shopping! Sippd makes it effortless, and gives each wine-loving babe the confidence that they’re ordering the right wine at a fair price, every time.

Cheers babes!


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