The Cutest Bar Carts Under $200

Don't judge someone by the color of the skin; judge them by how they stock their bar cart.

To say I'm obsessed with vintage bar carts is an understatement. In all honesty, if there were more hours in the day, and I didn't completely lack creativity, I would totally hit up my local Antique store, read 23 Pinterest tutorials, and figure out how to turn a 1923 egg crate into the bar cart of my dreams. But, I can barely color in the lines, and I'm lucky if I'm even remotely on time for anything... so here are my favorite bar carts under $200.

Alsonso Bar Cart

$179.99 (54% off)

Dunloy Bar Cart

$199.99 (47% off)

Broadridge Bar Cart

$169.99 (15% off)

Charlisa Bar Cart

$186.99 (38% off)

Frisco Bar Cart

$196.99 (31% off)

Myrtie Bar Cart

$115.99 (54% off)

Aguila Bar Cart

$174.99 (26% off)


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