"The Collection" Rosé Review

A brand new wine line, "The Collection" just launched exclusively at Target - and I did some serious damage at the pretty display...

... which I deeply regret since their rosé tastes like garbage.

Despite the super cute label (like seriously, it's adorable!) and the budget-friendly price of $9.99, there is absolutely nothing I like about this varietal. Nothing.

I normally only review wines that I adore, but I'm making an exception. You will thank me. I promise.

So let's start from the beginning. I originally did what every other normal person does when going to Target for one thing... I grabbed a shopping cart. Disclosure: I went solely for tampons.

The wine display was set up in front of the women's clothing area (clearly a perfect marketing strategy). After reading the descriptions on all the varietals... I put all three bottles of rosé from the display in my cart, because naturally it's rosé season (definitely a mistake).

And babes, I really wanted to like this new rosé, like truly... I just don’t. The color is beautiful; it’s a very pale, peachy color with aromas of citrus and melon on the nose. But you know when a guy brags about his dick size, and then you find out it’s only four inches? That's how disappointing this rosé is.

According to the description, "The Collection combines the best of carefully harvested grapes and perfectly balanced wine bringing together a delicate compilation of pure winemaking artistry. The delightful Rosé pairs very well with light pasta and rice dishes. Also perfect with soft cheeses and sunshine."

Well, I beg to differ. There is nothing artistic about this wine except the label. I have been trying to put together the words to describe the taste, and it's similar to drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth. It's very sour. It's very acidic. And it has a cleaning supply vibe to it. Basically, it's gross.

If you do decide to purchase a bottle of "The Collection" do yourself a favor and skip the rosé (sorry not sorry), and try one of the other varietals- Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or the red blend - instead.


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