The best canned wines, hands down.

If I’m being honest... I have literally only been drinking canned wines for the past month and I’m not mad about it. Not only are they portable AF, but most cans hold 2+ glasses of wine each... aka the perfect amount to get a good buzz going.

Here are some favs that I’ve been enjoying:

VINNY Sparkling

VIN (wine) + NY (New York) = VINNY

This is easily my most favorite canned sparkling white, ever! It’s a refreshing blend of Grüner Veltliner and Dry Riesling, with notes of green apple, lemon, and lime. It’s honestly f*cking delicious.

Unlike most brut bubbly, this sparkling white is fruity, without being too dry (or too sweet). Plus, it's great straight from the can, or as the foundation of a mimosa.

VINNY also launched a canned rosé last week that I am dying to get my mouth on.

Don't live in NY, but want to try some? Order here and snag a 4-pack for only $20!

Infinite Monkey Rosé

I first learned about the The Infinite Monkey Theorem last summer when one of my followers told me I have to try their Colorado canned rosé. When they started in 2008, they were growing grapes at 4,500 ft in Colorado and making wine in a warehouse in an alley in a city. That alone was enough to drawn me in.

Now, more than 10 years later, they have over 20,000 acres of vines in Denver, CO and Austin, TX - and I’ve been told their tasting room is unreal.

Their canned rosé tastes like strawberries and cream, with some sassy carbonation. I have tried A LOT of canned rosé, and trust me, this one will certainly change your views on canned wine. They also have a sparkling canned rosé, if that's more your style.

Shop a 4-pack for $14.99 here.

Butternut Chardonnay

If Chardonnay isn't your favorite varietal, I get it... unoaked Chardonnays are not an "easy drinking" wine by any means. But, with that said, you should definitely give this unique white wine a try. It might surprise you!

Aromas of peach, hazelnut, and spiced candied apple breeze around the brim, with notes of butterscotch on the palette.

Starting at $6.99, Butternut cans are available at most wine retailers, or online here.


By now, I feel like everyone has heard of BABE. Founded by influencer king, @thefatjewish, BABE wines have taken over the social media world. And rightfully so, cause they are the sh*t.

Upon the release of their original bottled "White Girl Rosé" rosé back in 2015, I knew a canned wine line had to be on the horizon.

With notes of honeydew and cantaloupe BABE's earthy undertones make it perfect to enjoy with fried foods. So bring on the pizza baby!

Plus, three of these cans is equivalent to drinking one bottle of wine. Enjoy free shipping on all orders - with canned packs starting at $13.99. Shop here.

Electric Sky Pinot Grigio

Canned Italian Pinot. Need I say more?

Somehow both refreshing and relaxing, Electric Sky Pinot Grigio Italiano is la dolce vita (the sweet life) in a can. Light and breezy with notes of apple and citrus, this Pinot might be a little too drinkable, if that’s even possible?

My most favorite thing about this wine, is the brand! Electric Sky in eccentric and does not color in the lines. Their branding in on-point, and their varietals are delish.

Shop all they have to offer here.

Better Wine Co. Dry Rosé Cider

I found Better Wine Co on Insta (obvs), and was instantly attracted to their super cute cans, and their back story. Their sparkling rosé cider is comprised of heirloom apples blended with sustainably-grown Cabernet Franc grape skins for color, tannin, and complexity.

I was hesitant to give this babe a shot since cider is not my thing... but I am happy to announce that I was pleasantly surprised by the combo!

Interested in tasting? Find where to buy here.


Ok, so you probably noticed there are no reds on the list, and that’s because I truly haven’t found a canned red wine that I'm head over heels IN LOVE with... without having to use a decanter. I’ve tried tons (trust me), but they all give off a bitter, chalky taste IMO, and I don't find the experience very enjoyable. So if you have any recommendations, holla at ya girl!

On a side note, Shamps canned bubbly launches this month, and I have been refreshing my feed more often than I care to admit. So stoked!

Cheers babes!


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