So I Broke My Decanter...

I’ll get straight to the point. I was making coffee a few Saturday mornings back, when my clumsy ass turned too fast and knocked over my beautiful decanter (that I’ve had for like five years no joke) that was drying on the kitchen counter – seriously, fml. I called my BFF who told me that Walmart, out of all places, had a bunch of quality decanters in stock (whole separate blog post).

I took to Insta and had you all vote between this horn decanter or this punt decanter. The vote was pretty close. I received feedback that the horn decanter was cute AF, but hard to clean and not very practical. The punt ultimately won in votes, and I was just about to purchase it, when I received a direct message from Wake Up Wine.

*cue love story music asap *

If you don’t recall, I did a holiday giveaway with Wake Up Wine (deets here) to give away their new electronic Bluetooth decanter.

This thing is unreal.

The WAKE UP WINE PRO S retails for $299.99 and is a lead-free, dishwasher safe 750 ML premium glass decanter with a touch control panel, built in rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth 3D speakers. Clearly more amazing than my currently-broken Homegoods decanter (and worth every penny!).

I normally don’t decant Pinot Noir, but had a bottle of 2015 Butternut wine close by and figured why not try it out.


Within five minutes (aka the press of one button) my wine swirled around the base of the decanter, and a countdown clock appeared on the display. I made a lot of boomerangs of the wine going around and around, not gonna life.

Side note: if you are unsure the proper amount of time to decant, Wake Up Wine provides a cheat sheet in the package.

I would be lying if I said I poured the wine into a glass and sipped responsibly.

I actually shoved a straw straight into the decanter and went to town.

Follow @wakeupwine on Instagram for more information!



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