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Say "Hello" to the 2019 Brand Babes!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

This is seriously my favorite time of year. After reviewing over 16,000 applications, we have selected our 2019 "Shop @WomenWhoLoveWine" brand ambassadors!

The perfect ambassador is someone who:

  • is witty AF and super active on social media

  • drinks wine on the daily (& is proud of it!)

  • is THAT friend in their group of friends

  • always chooses a mimosa over a kale smoothie

  • would rather have a brunch buddy over a gym buddy

Since the launch of "Shop @WomenWhoLoveWine" in 2015, our team of two (yes there is only two of us; this is not Amazon folks!), we wanted to be able to showcase our wine-themed apparel, glassware, and home goods in the most organic, natural way - through our followers! Each year we select five babes who we believe best represent our brand.

So without further ado...

Meet Elle of The Modern Pour

Elle Rodriguez (aka The Modern Pour) is a Latina wine babe based out of LA. She’s a city girl exploring and showcasing all the ways to enjoy wine in the city!

"I started The Modern Pour when I noticed there was an absent voice for the Latino Community. It’s my people who are taking it from the Earth to the Winemaker, and there’s a void from the Winemaker to the glass that I’m trying to fill; by bringing a non-snobby vibe and just try to show people that drinking wine doesn’t have to be so intimidating. I started off reviewing Trader Joe Wines (there are a few gems I still drink) which are accessible to all. I think that’s why people like my vibe. I am what I am, and I drink what I like. I’m not trying to be in the fancy wine snob group."

Her favorite varietals are Rosé, Chenin Blanc, Cab Franc, and she's fallen IN LOVE with Pinot Noir (same, girl same).

Fun fact: her friends call her "Ellecamino" and her shoe game is out of control!

Meet Jess aka @jesssambuco

"Raised by an Italian family and growing up with both food and wine, I always knew I would end up making wine a part of my life! I currently reside in both Napa Valley and Newport Beach and run my own company, Cellar to Table, that works with boutique wineries to host private home tastings and stock wine cellars throughout California."

My most recent trip was to Florence, Italy, where I enjoyed sampling wines from the Tuscan region, but I have to say nothing can beat a beautiful Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon!"

Jess's guilty pleasure is a glass of bubbly, and I cannot agree more!

Meet Leah of The Savvy Somm

"I’ve always been passionate about food and hospitality which lead me down the rabbit hole of wine. For me it was the hunger for wanting to know more; why does this wine taste the way it does? Where did it come from? I’ve always loved the romance and history behind the bottle."

"I earned my Certified Sommelier pin with the Court of Master Sommeliers last year, but the desire to learn more is never ending. I started The Savvy Somm as a way to connect with the wine world, share my knowledge and continue to learn and discover more about wine."

Here are some fun facts about Leah:

  • She loves Italian wine (girl, same)

  • She hates scary movies

  • She's spending the summer traveling to Greece and Italy - so jealous

Meet Morgan and Katie of MK & Rosé

"We [Morgan and Katie] put the M and the K in MK & Rosé! MK & Rosé is a lifestyle blog about all of our favorite things. We are PNW girls who love wine, happy hour, entertaining, fashion, and living our lives to the fullest. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and attending happy hour is always a must!"

Morgan and Katie seriously have the best rosé suggestions and are always down for a charcuterie plate. They have been best friends since they were babies, and both married firefighters - hey girl hey.

Check out their recent review of New Spring Release Rosés here.

Meet Paige of Wine With Paige

Paige is a wine photographer, writer, and blogger. She works full-time in the corporate world of online retail, but assists a Master of Wine on the side, and runs her own blog that aims to inspire people to drink great wine.

"After completing my WSET 3 Advanced Certificate in Wine in early 2018, I wanted an opportunity to share my love and knowledge for wine with others while documenting my own favorites and tasting notes. This lead to the creation of my wine-focused Instagram, @winewithpaige. From there, I realized how many people were interested in wine, but had no idea where to start, and that inspired me to do something new to to make wine personal and fun."

"What draws me most to wine is it's ability to tell stories, connect people, and take you to another time or place."

When asked about her favorite wine, she responded, "Current favorite wine... that's a hard one! I'm really feeling Pinot Noir in general lately, as a varietal, although I've been getting more into rose for the first time in my life. I just discovered this beautiful Portillo Rose made from Malbec. It's so interesting and complex, but still easy and refreshing."

Fun fact: Paige is also a Certified American Wine Expert - you go girl!



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