Hangover-Free Margaritas

Although I'm totally into the boujee, cinnamon-rimmed, spicy margaritas... sometimes a simple three-ingredient one gets the job done. Tequila is a weakness, not gonna lie.

And when I said simple, I meant super simple.

  • Mix 12 oz of water with one pack of tangerine Liquid IV (they have tons of flavors, but this one gives a slight citrus vibe that I love), and freeze - add three cubes when frozen

  • Over ice, add one shot (or two) of a white tequila

  • Top with some margarita mix ~ the simple truth one is my go-to if I don't have time (or desire) to make my own simple syrup mixture

Also, if you haven't tried Liquid IV yet, you must! Liquid IV is a non-GMO electrolyte drink mix that utilizes Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) to deliver hydration to your bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone, aka it's a miracle drink that keeps you hydrated, and helps prevent hangovers. It's also great if you drink a lot of coffee, or wine, or just forget to drink water during the day (me AF!).

Enjoy 25% off plus free shipping on all orders with code WOMENWHOLOVEWINE.

Cheers xo

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