Gift Guide: for a White Elephant Exchange

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

1) Stocking Flask - $15

This one-of-a-kind Christmas stocking, Santa’s Flask, can hold up to 3 bottles of wine. Yes, you read that right. THREE WHOLE BOTTLES OF WINE (or tequila – whatever gets you into the holiday spirit).

2) Before Five, After Five Mug Glass - $18

This 2-in-1 coffee and wine glass is the perfect gift for the hard working coworker in your life. Heck, buy one for yourself while you're at it. You earned it.

3) Avocado Tree Growing Kit - $13

Is it bad that I actually asked Santa for this kit this year? It has over 500 5-star reviews on Amazon and it's cute AF. This kit comes in multiple colors, and would actually be a great housewarming gift too.

4) Desk Nutz- $12

The go-to gift for the uptight coworker in your office. Suction these bad boys to the bottom of the desk, and have a squeeze! I won't call HR if you won't.

5) Journal - $8

We all have those things we want to say at work but can't... so write them in this journal. Includes 110 lined pages - profanity (although suggested!) not included.

6) Prosecco Pong - $10

The classier version of beer pong for the uppity betch in the office. Includes everything you need to get the party started, minus the the bubbly.

7) Wine Stopper - $10

So I'm not usually into buying wine stoppers, because let's be honest, I'm normally one to finish the bottle. But this chicken bottle stopper is hilarious and only $10.

8) Pizza Blanket - $34

Cuddle up under this 60" pizza blanket (also available in pepperoni if supreme isn't your topping of choice). I actually own the burrito version of this blanket and LOVE it. I'll definitely be adding the pizza one to my wish list.

9) Custom Socks - $23

Are you doing a Thieves Christmas Exchange? Get your boss's face on a pair of socks and make the lucky recipient wear them to the office the next day! I did this last year and ended up buying them for all my coworkers #employeeoftheyear

10) Shower Margarita Machine - $8

Disclaimer: this is not a real shower margarita machine, but I really wish it was. This joke gift box is designed to look like the real deal. Fill it with a bottle of tequila and some margarita mix to end of a good note.

11) Mug - $12

No words needed. Buy the mug.

12) Foot Warmer - $50

This portable foot warmer is the priciest option on the gift guide, but would actually make a fabulous gift for your boss - especially if you live/work somewhere chilly. Could also be a great gag gift for the person in the office always complaining about the temperature (there is always one!)



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