California Roots Rosé Review

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Target’s famous $5 wine brand, California Roots Wine, has officially launched a rosé (and it’s about damn time!). 

I bought three bottles, because why not? Two for me, and one for a friend. Just kidding. They are all for me. 

According to the bottle, it promises “notes of fresh berry and citrus” and is recommended to be paired with “spicy grilled shrimp, grilled pesto chicken, Margherita pizza, or a crisp spinach salad.” Let’s be honest: rosé can pretty much be paired with anything... but you know my drunk ass did not pair it with a spinach salad. 


Upon opening the bottle, I could smell aromas of strawberry and grapefruit, and if I’m being transparent, I completely negated using a glass of any sort, as I just finished washing the dishes, and I wasn't dirtying anything else that needed to be cleaned. So I cannot comment on the exact shade of the rosé, but judging from the bottle I would guess that it’s a pale peachy color. 

If “easily chugable” was a proper adjective, I would use it to describe this fruity wine. It does have a heavy aftertaste, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing - and it’s literally only $5. So although I wish it had a slightly smoother finish, I doubt your friends would be able to differentiate this $5 rosé from a $25 rosé. 

All in all, I’d buy it again (and again).

Drink up! 


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