Are online wine clubs really worth it?

In short, the answer is "hell yes!"

Babes, it's 2019 - live a little. Subscriptions are totally in. I mean there is seriously a subscription service for everything: clothing, meal plans, personalized vitamins, beauty products, dog toys, jewelry, etc... so why not wine?

Here are the main reasons - IMO - you should totally sign up for a wine club (at least once in your lifetime):

You don't have to leave your house

For no other reason then this, you should sign up. Like seriously. "Your package is out for delivery" has a whole new meaning when that package contains alcohol.

Answer some quick palette questions so the team knows what wines to recommend. And yes, you can always choose your own, should you not like what they decide for you!

They provide you with not-your-every-day-grocery-store wines

Most wine clubs carry small batch wines, from local wineries that you literally cannot purchase anywhere else. These curated wines are offered at a fraction of the price, and the varietals are always changing, so you have the opportunity to sample tons of delicious wines.

Could you easily run to the grocery store and buy a $9.99 bottle of something tasty with a semi-cute label? Sure. But what's the fun in that?

Starting at $13 you have your choice of 60+ different wines you can filter based on rating, price, or varietal.

Refer and be rewarded

Most online wine subscriptions offer a referral bonus - aka free wine! Similar to food delivery services (like Hello Fresh), not only do you get club credit for referrals, you also get FREE bottle deliveries to share with friends and family, after your first paid month as a member.

For example: at Winc (aka my fav wine club) when you refer a friend, your friend pays $26 + shipping for three bottles of wine, and you get a $13 club credit just for referring them. BUT YOU ALSO GET 15 FREE BOTTLES A MONTH TO GIVE AWAY! I won't tell anyone if you create five different email accounts, so you can keep all 15 for yourself #guilty.

To be completely transparent: most of the wine subscription companies have a three bottle minimum order requirement, so the $13 club credit will have to be applied to your next order, rather than just a one-off purchase, but still... totes worth it.

They help your spending habits

According to online wine retailer Vivino, the cost of a bottle of white wine averages $14.41, while an average bottle of red wine costs $15.66. If you drink one each per week for a year, that’s more than $1,563.

If we are being honest, I could drink two bottles on an average Tuesday night.

With that said, if you limit yourself to one bottle per week at $13 per bottle, your spending will drop to $676 a year. You can thank me later!

Interested in trying an online wine club out? Sign up for Winc, and enjoy a complimentary bottle (up to $22) on me!


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