Amazon Favorites for Wine Lovers

HAPPY FRIDAY BABES! There is nothing quite like getting drunk, forgetting you ordered a 10lb of gummy bears... until 2 days later when it shows up on your doorstep #winning! Here are some of my favorite Amazon finds under $50 - perfect to spoil yourself, or a wine loving BFF.

1. "Wine Wars" Board Game

This $20 trivia game is perfect for an indoor wine night with your besties. Questions range from growing grapes to tasting wine to people in the wine world. Drink your way to victory!

2. Stemmed Wine Glasses

JoyJolt is hands down the best (and most affordable) brand of glasses I've found on Amazon. They look expensive and classy, but for a fraction of the cost. They are also dishwasher safe, which is a deal breaker for me.

3. Bathtub Tray

This bamboo bathtub tray fits almost all standard bathtubs and is easily adjustable. Complete with an iPad/book holder as well as a wine glass holder (priorities, duh!), there is no wonder it has over a thousand 5-star reviews.

4. Refrigerator Wine Bottle Holder

Although these plastic holders could probably also hold bottles of water, lets be real - they are made for wine. Don't have a wine fridge? This is the perfect way to store your wine in a chilly place until you're ready to pop the cork!

5. Disposable Wine Filters

PureWine alleviates all of the most common side effects from drinking wine (including headaches and hangovers) without changing the flavor, aroma, or color of the wine. Seriously, if you get headaches from red wine, this product is life changing. The reviews alone are just wow.

6. "I Hope You Brought Wine" Doormat

Let your guests know what to expect when they come to visit, and let your neighbors know you're awesome AF. I mean for $25 you cannot pass up this front door addition.

7. Stemless Wine Glasses

Another JoyJolt favorite! If you follow me on Instagram, you see these glasses in probably every story/post, because they truly are fabulous. They are a unique bowl-like shape, and can seriously hold a good amount of wine. Same with the stemmed set, they are also dishwasher safe (A+++!).

8. Wine Tote

The only purse you will ever need!! This PortoVino wine bag discreetly holds two bottles of wine in a removable and bpa-free beverage pouch that keeps your wine chilled for hours. Yes, I did say TWO BOTTLES OF WINE. They also make great birthday gifts, and come in a variety of patterns.

9. "Wine for Normal People" Book

If you love "Wine Folly", you will love this book. It's great for beginners, specifically in terms of learning a not-snobby wine vocabulary. It also teaches the basics of wine, wine making, buying wine, tasting wine, and all the things!

10. Marble Cheese Board

Run, don't walk; this chic AF marble and wood board is currently on sale and has all five star ratings! Unlike some boards you store out of sight, this one would be so cute to display in your kitchen, and would obviously make any charcuterie spread stand out.

11. Wine Glass Holder

This is the #1 best selling portable cup holder on Amazon. It expands to hold cans, bottles, glasses, coffee mugs - whatever your heart desires! I own three (one for every bathroom), and I'm not sure how I lived life without them.

12. Slippers

Kind of obsessed with these wine and cheese slippers, not gonna lie. They come is sizes small through extra large, and are made for cuddling on the couch (with wine of course!)


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